3 Important Keys To Unlock The Power Of Your Sesame

Marcin Rzucidlo Life Puzzle Coach

Say “Open Sesame”. And what?

In my case, it doesn’t work. The Sesame is there. The treasures are inside. But my words don’t open it.

I want a lot of things. To do, to be, to have… I keep repeating my “Open Sesame” … and none of them happens by itself.

And I wonder why. And I wonder what I can do to change it.

By study, watching, modeling and experimenting I found the key (actually three keys) that can open the Sesame of your possibilities.

Key One: Strategy. “What, why and how do I want to get?”

Start with a “big picture.”

WHAT? What are the results that you are after? What difference do you want to see at the end of your action, day, week or year? What change are you expecting? What state (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, financial, relational,…) are you trying to get?

Picture that in detail and write it down.

WHY? Why getting these results is important? What for? What will I gain? What will I feel?

Imagine yourself once you have what you want. Describe what you feel.

HOW? How can you get what you want? What are the means you will need to employ? Whatever they are.

Do not limit yourself with what you currently have. Open up for options. Evaluate them choosing those that give best result with optimum resources.

Key Two: Plan. “What exactly will I do to reach what I want?” Where and when will it happen?”

Plan is something that makes it possible to reach what you want. Plan actions that you will take to reach your goals. Put the options that you chose in time and space. Think of other resources that you will need to realize them.

Key Three: Execution. Attention! It’s the most difficult part. Do what you planned!

A plan is as good as its execution. If you’re not going to execute your plan, don’t waste your time preparing it. Prepare, however, for not having more than today.

But if you want to move forward, decide precisely what, where and when you will do. And do it.

For two reasons. One, to achieve what you are after. Two, to increase your motivation, which comes from achieving even smallest things.

Good luck!

– Marcin

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