3 Important Reasons Why We All Should Share Other’s Content

3 Important Reasons Why We All Should Share Other's Content [Marcin Rzucidlo / Life Puzzle Coach]

On my social profiles (facebook, twitter, linkedin, pinterest, google+), along with my own, I share also other people’s content.

I follow thought leaders, power thinkers and problem busters. They publish blog posts, quotes, videos and articles that bring value in many areas of the Life Puzzle.

Whenever I find something worth sharing, I do it.

And here are 3 important reasons why I share it (and perhaps why you should, too):

1. It is great content and great value to learn from

Learning is my priority. My daily routine includes browsing through content and picking up valuable gems – something that brings me new knowledge and/or new skills. Something I can benefit from.

Sharing makes my search more intentional. At the back of my head, I keep the questions: “Is this content worth sharing?” and “If yes, then why?” This helps me draw better conclusions and insights on how I can apply what I learn.

2. It is great contribution to share with you

Sharing value with you is my priority, too. Contribution is my Life Puzzle #6. If I find something that can help you and is ready to apply, I hit share button right away.

3. It is a great way to keep valuable content in one place

My social media profiles are also places where I store valuable content. When I want to come back and refresh something, I know where I can find it. Browsing through that posted content is also a great tool of recall, which makes learning and retention – thus application and results – easier and better. I invite you to use my social profiles for that purpose, too.

Do you share other people’s content?

Consider those three reasons that I described. Maybe there are other you could add. I will appreciate your comments.

Whenever you read, watch or listen to something of value, think if there is someone who could also benefit from it. If yes, share it. It will be your contribution to someone’s growth. Beyond what you already do for them every day.

Good sharing 🙂

– Marcin

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