3 Things You Can Learn About Success Watching Water Boil

3 things you can learn about success watching water boil [Marcin Rzucidlo / Life Puzzle Coach]

Metaphors are powerful. They explain complex concepts using simple illustrations.

Let’s try this one today.

Getting success is like boiling water.


Yes, getting success is like boiling water.

How come?

Next time, when you boil water, watch this.

1. Put the heat on – Patience

You have a pot of water that you want to boil as you have your great expectations for your success.

You put the pot on the cooker. You put the heat on. And … nothing happens.

You invest your money, your time and your efforts on the way to success and they do not translate to anything tangible. The surface of you success water remains dead calm.

You start having doubts. You start asking questions. Is the cooker broken? Is the heat too weak? Is there something wrong with me?

Be patient. Keep on heating.

2. Look, it’s bubbling – Persistence

If you persist, something will start to happen.

Those first signs of water moving. Little bubblings, getting bigger. These are first signs of your actions working. Your first small wins. Small as they can be, here they are. And they will grow.

Be persistent. Keep on heating.

3. The Perfect Storm – Prosperity

It’s only when you heat your water strongly enough and long enough that you can expect it to boil. It’s when your success is so hot you cannot hold it with your bare hands. It’s when it overflows your pot.

Prosper. And, keep on heating.

Now, you know how it works.

Theoretically, it is possible to boil water instantaneously (with proper pressure and much power). But it is a “don’t try it at home” phenomenon.

Normally, you know that it takes a while to boil water. And it takes a while to boil your success. And you know that if you keep on heating, it will come.

To prosper, you must be patient and you must be persistent.

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Keep on heating 🙂

– Marcin

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