5 Proven Ways To Stop Feeling Depressed

5 Proven Ways To Stop Feeling Depressed [Marcin Rzucidlo / Life Puzzle Coach]

I do know what it means to feel depressed.

From love disappointments to job turbulences.

You have all the reasons to believe it’s the end. You plunge in dark thoughts and you wallow in pain.

As it is a natural state when things go wrong, the question is how long it will take you to come back to “normal” life.

And as there is no one perfect timing, one day you will feel that it takes too long. Or someone will tell you so.

That is the time to refocus. From feeling depressed to feeling … not depressed (let’s start with that because going straight to happy, although possible, can be depressingly [sic] discouraging for some people).

The frequent issue with people who feel depressed is that they refuse to act. They do not want to do things. They might even stay in bed all day long.

Surprise! If you feel depressed like that, my 5 proven ways will not require you go get out of your bed 🙂

My approach is about setting up your environment in a proper way. So that it will draw you out of feeling depressed.

Here are the 5 proven ways that will help you with that.

1. Change the music you listen to

If you don’t listen to music, start. But, avoid slow and sad songs that drag your emotions down. “All by myself“, “The End” and my favourite “Space Dye-Vest” are the Greatest Depression Hits that reinforce your feelings. You might not want to listen to them now 🙂

Switch your playlist to upbeat, nice and bright music. As silly as it can be. As silly as you will not help smiling and feeling better when you listen to it. Here are some cues, depending on what you musical taste is:

2. Change the films you watch

If you don’t watch films, start. As with music, it will shift your attention from you (and your dark feelings) to some external more positive focal point.

Again, do not go for dark, gothic horror stories or tearful love drama my response. Watch some of you favorite films and/or some silly comedies. Do you want some recommendation? Here you go:

Get into the film world. Live what you see. Feel the good vibes. Laugh out loud. Do you want to take some icrecream or popcorn along, feel free 🙂

You can also see some shorter silly (or not so) youtube videos.

3. Change what you read

If you don’t read, start. But, do not focus any more on this email you got from your boss or a text message you got from your now-ex.

Read something light and pleasurable that will change your mood. If novels are too long, find a shorter format.

Does anyone of you know a blog that deals with feeling depressed in a humorous way? One that when you read it you cannot help shifting your mindset. If yes, share. If not, would you start one?

4. Change what you focus on

If you were to write down your thoughts, what would they be? Feeling depressed comes from what we think. We think of being depressed and we act accordingly.

If you want to stop feeling depressed you must redirect and change your thoughts.

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It works simple. Instead of focusing on depressing thoughts, focus on anti-depressing or non-depressing thoughts. How? On top of the three recommendations above, you can change your thought focus by asking different, better questions.

Instead of asking yourself, why such bad things always happen to you, ask questions that will redirect your thoughts towards more neutral, then to more positive, insightful and actionable answers.

Here are some examples of questions you may ask yourself:

  1. What is one thing I liked today? or What is one thing I can do to like today?
  2. What can I do to laugh at this situation in one year’s time?
  3. Who are 5 people that are in worse situation than mine?
  4. If I were my therapist, what would I tell myself now?
  5. What is one thing I like about myself?
To make them work for you, make sure you answer them.

5. Get someone who will keep you accountable

Fighting feeling depressed is difficult on your own. Sometimes you are in it too deep . A helpful hand can help.

Find a person whom you like and whom you trust. Ask him or her to keep you accountable for checking with you if you do those simple things that I described. Find someone to whom you will have difficulty saying “No, I didn’t.”

How does it work? Ask this person to ask you some questions related to action you are supposed to do in order to stop feeling depressed. Ask them to do it every day. They can do it in person. They can call you. Or they can send you an e-mail expecting your response.

These questions can relate to the recommendations given above or can include any other questions answering which will help you stop feeling depressed. You just have to answer those questions.

The whole Q&A conversation will take you five minutes. And the results will be grandiose.

Download a daily checklist that you can use clicking here.

Well, there are 5 Proven Ways To Stop Feeling Depressed that you can do. And you see, to realize those, you don’t even have to get out of bed 🙂

– Marcin

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