ADHD: Do You Know What It Really Stands For?

ADHD: Do you know what it really stands for? [Marcin Rzucidlo / LIfe Puzzle Coach]

It’s a myth that we have no time.

We do.

Time – although most precious – is only one resource that we use going through life. And it may appear not to be the most important when trying to achieve something.

Why? Because it is outside of our control. It is a certain time frame in which we operate. It is rigid and unmanageable. To get better, we must focus our efforts somewhere else.

I wrote some time ago about energy and attention as resources that can compensate time deficit.

When you face a problem, you may take (too) much time to solve it. Why? Because your energy and attention investment is too low.

Would it be possible to solve a problem faster if you invested more energy and attention into finding a solution? Most probably you will say: yes.

So, if we do have all the time, what do we really lack?

It’s attention and energy.

Hence my definition of the new ADHD.

The new ADHD is Attention Deficit Hypo-Active Disorder.

Note that it is not the traditional “Hyper-Active” but the “Hypo-Active” mode. Hypo stands for “under” or “low”

It’s not that we have time deficit.

We have attention deficit. In the world full of distractions, we find it difficult to concentrate and focus.

And we have activity deficit. We remain inactive too often and for too long.

That’s the new ADHD: Attention Deficit Hypo-Active Disorder.

What’s the solution? Well, this is something for a separate post.

Stay mindfully focused and stay active 🙂

– Marcin

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