Who Benefits Most From My Son’s Homework?

Who benefits most from my son's homework? [Marcin Rzucidlo / Life Puzzle Coach]

In the times of work-life balance worship, the word “homework” is a walking paradox.

We should work at work (or, in my son’s case, at school) and not work at home.

Still, as I am a strong believer in education, I can live with the homework my son brings home from school, as long as it is something that develops his mindset, vision, habits and skills.

As I have never been fond of my homework, he is not with his. Nor have I been in raptures homeworking with him.

Until I realized this…

When we do homework, he learns English, French, Maths, History or Science.

At the same time, I learn patience, communication, emotional intelligence and coaching.

Lesson One: Patience

I still catch myself with a simple thought that if something is obvious to me, it should be obvious to others. In case you face this thought yourself … it may not. Especially, for a ten-year-old.

And sometimes it takes a while to slow myself down to speed him up so that we find ourselves in sync.

And it’s a great reminder that some things take time.

Lesson Two: Communication

To know something is one thing and to be able to explain it is another. That’s a teacher’s job, isn’t it?

The greatest communication lesson I took from doing homework together is the switch from “you don’t understand me” to “I have not made myself clear. Let me explain it again in a different way.”

Lesson Three: Emotional Intelligence

Yes, homeworking can become an emotional challenge. For both of us. I have already written about it before.

It has become much better since I started to practice building awareness of what I feel when things go tough and what he feels when things go tough (or when I make them tough).

Doing homework together can also be a great lesson in managing our emotions.

Lesson Four: Coaching

Being a coach, I am driven to be able to lead someone from point A to point B. And not only do it, but make them also understand why it is so, what the options are and which will be best.

If I can learn to face this challenge with my son’s homework, I will be able to face it better with my clients.

Bonus Lesson: Happiness

As an extra thing, I learn and experience happiness. It is the value of the time we spend together.

I am fortunate to know now that in a couple of years, when he will start living more of his own life, I will miss those homeworks.

So I mindfully load my memory tank with great experiences as I still can. So that later I can cherish something I did and not regret something I did not.


It is not that I am sad when my son has no homework to do, as we have plenty other things to do. But if there is something to homework on together, it’s not that bad as it used to be. I have changed my mindset 🙂

So who benefits most from my son’s homework? I believe I do.

Make a fabulous day 🙂

– Marcin

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