CUP Morning That Will Make Your Day

CUP Morning That Will Make Your Day [Marcin Rzucidlo / Life Puzzle Coach]

You may have seen my today’s Monday morning post on facebook.

It went like this (with this post feature picture):

Inspiration is everywhere!

This is a picture of my client’s coffee machine.

It gave me double boost on Friday.

First, coming from a cup of coffee I had.

Second, coming from its message of “UP”

Have a great “UP” morning 🙂

As inspiration IS everywhere, I would like to extend and share mine sparked by this very happening.

There are three CUPs you can have every morning, and they will make your whole day!

A CUP of physical boost

Whether it is a cup of water, coffee or tea, I bet you start your day with one of those in your hand. It helps you switch your body and your mind on. I love the Wall-e morning as it reminds me very much of mine.

To get moving, I start every day with two cups of water right after I get up and I fuel myself with two cups of coffee when I start working.

Drink and enjoy your cups! Have more of water along the day and keep your coffee in moderation, though.

A CUP of a emotional boost

An anchor is a trigger (an object, an event, a place, a person, a gesture) that – when present – brings your certain reaction.

It can be a physical reaction, like when you jump up when you see a spider. Or it can be an emotional reaction, like when you recall a memory when you hear a certain song on the radio.

Use the cup that you hold in your hand as an anchor that will prompt the association of a good day. As you will start thinking about having a good day, you will start feeling having a good day. And as the consequence, you will have a good day.

If you don’t know how to anchor yourself for that, this cheat-sheet will take you step by step (with practical examples) through the anchoring process. Once through, you will be able to use it also for triggering other reactions.

A CUP of a mental boost

Look at the picture of this post again. Do you see that besides the pictogram of a cup of coffee it shows the inscription of “UP”? That’s the mental boost I want you to associate with a cup of any beverage that you take in the morning.

Let’s call it “C-UP” as “see-up”. Having you cup of something in the morning, see up to the opportunities, possibilities and chances that you will have this day. Think about them for a moment over your cup and then act on them.

This is your mental boost coming from the morning cup.

That’s the idea of the CUP Morning. A cup of something in the morning that will make your morning and then will make your day.

Cup Morning to everyone 🙂

– Marcin

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