Goals: Do You Have Personality That Will Support Your Way? (Part Three)

Do You Have Personality That Will Support Your Way? (Part Three) [Marcin Rzucidlo / Life Puzzle Coach]

This is the third post of the goals related series. Make sure you read the previous ones, Do You Have Goals That Will Guide Your Way? (Part One) and Do You Have Motivation That Will Drive Your Way? (Part Two) before reading this one.

The real purpose of a goal is what it makes of you as a human being while you pursue it. Who you become is the ultimate reward.

— Anthony Robbins

Having read the two previous post of this goal related series, I assume you have done your homework.

You have set your goals and you defined your motivation. If not, please, come back to previous posts I do the work.

Because, what separates those who only dream their dreams and those who actually get their dreams, is primarily the action they take or not.

And actually, taking action or not taking action is part of who you really are, which is the subject of this post.

So, are you a wishful thinker or a willful doer?

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Let me ask again, have you done your homework? Please, do.

You know, being a coach, I must be tough on my students 🙂

Once you did, it’s time to face probably the biggest obstacle on your way to your best life.

Your identity: the who?

At the end of the day, it is you who will design your goals and who will stay accountable to deliver them.

It is you who needs to take action, evaluate progress and make corrections. It is you who will try to torpedo your plan, too.

Are you ready for that?

This post is to help you get ready yourself, so that you can reach your goals and enjoy the outcomes.

Let’s have a look at two perspectives to that.

1. Roles you play in life

Whatever you do, there’s a life role you play. You are:

  • a parent
  • a child
  • a husband
  • a wife
  • a boss
  • a worker
  • a friend

There’s so many more. In each of them, you set and meet some expectations. You need to perform.

If you don’t have clarity on what they are, what they mean and how they fit the overall picture of your life, no wonder you will be overwhelmed.

Each goal that you set is related to one (or more) of your roles. You may have a parent goal, a spouse goal and a pro goal.

You will be delivering them in one of those pairs of shoes. In order to do that well, you must know which pair and how will suit you best.

To have more insight into your roles, what they are, how to shape them and how to play them outstandingly (Academy Award level), read this post: What Can You Do To Be A Better …?

There is a workbook there that will help you define and perform your life roles better. Make sure you do that exercise.

2. Keys to your Life Puzzle

The second perspective is about your personal keys to the Life Puzzle. As you know, there are four: mindset, vision, habits and skills.

Vision is your goals. We are through with that.

Now, it’s the other three that relate to who you are and how well you manage your life today and how well you will manage it in the future.

  • Mindset is what you think. It’s your attitude. Your approach to things. Your positivity or negativity. Your dares or doubts. Your faith or fear.
  • Habits is what you do. These are your behaviors that either take you closer to your goals or take you away from them. One by one. Step by step.
  • Skills is how well you do what you do. This is your ability to run your habits, find your way to your goals and take the journey.

These are those three keys that – on the level of your identity / personality – will help you achieve your goals or hinder you from it.

Actually, your mindset, vision, habits and skills define where you are in life. If you want to make a shift, you must shift one or more of them.

I will help you do that.

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Define and design yourself

Let’s get practical.

Going through your list of goals one by one, imagine the person who is able to achieve them.

  • What kind of mindset this person gets?
  • What kind of habits this person shows?
  • What kind of skills this person has?

These are the mindset, habits and skills you will need to develop in order to accomplish your goals.

Use this worksheet to define what mindset, habits and skills you will need to get your goals. In this worksheet, I will take you step by step through this process.

And in the next post of the series, you will learn about strategies that will allow you to put the pieces that you have worked out so far in the right places. Sign up here not to miss the next post on the way to your goals.

– Marcin

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