Do You Have Problems With Getting Up In The Morning?

Do you have problems with getting up in the morning?[Marcin Rzucidlo / Life Puzzle Coach]

Last week on Wednesday, we had a school day-off.

Anyway, as it is my practice to get up early every day, so did I that day. Even on days off, getting up early, I can have roughly two hours of quiet own time before my family wakes up.

As on school days, it is me who wakes up my son, on days off, he gets up himself and joins me.

That day, I noticed a particular thing. It struck me, although I realized it happens very often.

When my son appeared in the entrance of my working room, I habitually greeted him with a smile and gave him a hug.

Then I asked him if he wanted to have some more sleep. He did not.

I asked “Are you sure? Because, you know, it’s a day off and you can have as much sleep as you want.”

He said “No. I’m OK. I had enough sleep. I even tried to sleep more, but I couldn’t.”

“OK. Do you know what time it is?” I asked.

He glimpsed at the watch and said “It’s 8 am.”

Then I said with a smile: “Do you know that it is exactly the same time that I wake you up for school every day? Tell me, why is it that on school days it seems impossible to drag you out of bed, whereas on days off you wake up and you get up on your own even before this time?”

You get the idea.

It is the MINDSET.

I believe you do not have any problems with getting up in the middle of the night when you go on holidays.

Still, you can have problems with getting up at any hour when you go to work you do not like. And it really does not matter how long you sleep.

The key to good getting up is your mindset. It is what you think about what awaits you in the morning that helps you wake up fresh or not.

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There are two things you can do to have better mornings.

First, change the way you think about what you wake up and get up for. There is always the other (brighter) side of matter. There is always something positive you can think of. If you have issues with being motivated by your job, for example, get inspired by this Zig Ziglar’s clip.

Second, program yourself for a good wake up when you go to bed. That’s the idea I took from Hal Elrod and his “Miracle Morning”. He said that your first thought when you wake up is basically the same as your last thought when you fall asleep.

If you fall asleep thinking how terrible your morning will be, that is how you will wake up in the morning.

If you fall asleep thinking how terrific your morning will be, that is how you will wake up in the morning.

Set your morning expectations right because when you sleep, your brain will be getting you ready according to your brief.

Sleep well 🙂

– Marcin

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