Do You Know How Loss Factor Is Motivating You?

Do you know how loss factor motivates you? [Marcin Rzucidlo / Life Puzzle Coach]

The basic theory of motivation states that there are two forces that motivate us to do (or not to do) things.

It’s either that we want to gain something. Something¬†positive. Towards which we move. Something that we want to have as much as possible in our lives. It’s any kind of pleasure. Physical, emotional, financial or mental.

Or it’s that we want to avoid something. Something negative. From which we move away. Something that we want to have as little as possible in our lives. It’s any kind of pain.¬†Physical, emotional, financial or mental.

Some say that avoiding-pain-driven motivation is stronger. That people will do more to avoid something than they will do to gain.

I want to go deeper with that.

To something I call the Loss Factor.

Because at the end, we just don’t want to miss something.

So, even if on a declarative level we want to gain something, what really motivates us is the possible loss of it.

– Marcin

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