Do You Know That “Everyone Lives By Selling Something”?


“I don’t work in sales, so I don’t have to know how to sell.”

Oh, yes! You do! Both: you do work in sales and you do have to know how to sell 🙂

“Everyone lives by selling something.” is what Robert Louis Stevenson wrote looong ago.

And you find yourself in three selling options depending on what and to whom you sell.

Selling Option One – you sell something that is not yours to someone who is not you.

It’s a typical commercial situation. You are a salesperson or a consultant and your job is to sell a product or a service to a customer.

You must discover their needs, set them against the solution you offer, and if there is a match, lead to a purchase decision.

Selling Option Two – you sell something that is yours to someone who is not you.

It’s more of a life situation when you “sell” your ideas and solutions to someone (sometimes you may want to sell you problems, too). Your customer can be your boss, your colleague, a friend, a partner or a child.

You want them to do something for you. Something that you care about. Again, you must know what they expect, show them how it links to what you want and convince them to act.

Selling Option Three – you sell something that is yours to … yourself

This is surprisingly the most common “selling” situation. You want to convince yourself to something. You look for proper arguments to change the way you think and the way you act. You must “sell” yourself on it.

I am not asking IF you find any of those situations in your life. It is only the question of which of them you find most.

And that is why you must know how to sell.

Last thought. Remember that many people also try to sell you on something. And then you’d better know how selling works, not to buy something you do not want.

Make a fabulous day 🙂

– Marcin

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