Do You Use Your Time, Energy And Attention Well?

Do You Use Your Time, Energy And Attention Well? [Marcin Rzucidlo / Life Puzzle Coach]

Listening to podcasts pays back (again). It is one of my habits that I value most.

In one of the “Beyond-The-To-Do-List” podcast episodes (#78) certain Chris Bailey talked about his experiments with productivity. Interesting – although sometimes extreme – ideas. If not for application, then at least for consideration.

What drew my attention, though, and to what I would like to draw yours, is an intriguing concept that he presented.

Time, energy and attention

When you do something, you have three resources at your disposal: your time, your energy and your attention.

The key to productivity is to use them in the right proportion.

For example, it is clear that if you invest more energy and attention into a task, it will take less time. And the other way round.

The example that Chris Bailey gives and which convinces me 100% to this idea is that very often, when we face a problem, we spend too much time on it, instead of investing more energy and paying more attention to it.

So, how do you use your resources?

– Marcin

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