Have You Ever Asked Someone To Role Play You?

Have you ever asked someone to role play you? [Marcin Rzucidlo / Life Puzzle Coach]

This idea came from nowhere.

“Hubert” – I said to my son – “let’s switch roles. You will be me. I will be you. Act as when I talk to you. Be me.”

He picked it up quickly and played a scene that surprised me, embarrassed(?) me and made me think.

Is it really so?

Assumption One: I have good intentions.

One thing I do not questions (nor does my son) is that the intentions behind my words and actions towards him are good. His good is my priority and everything I do is aimed at creating value for him.


Assumption Two: I may not be excellent in putting my intentions in communication.

By communication I mean both the words that are spoken, the way they are spoken and the way they are acted.

Our communication may be twisted by many filters. The very ability to communicate clearly. The generalization, the distortion, the deletion.

Finally, the emotions that come into play.

And this is the emotionally charged communication that I find most difficult. You can imagine that this charge is negative.

It is interesting that the scene that my son role played was a negatively emotional one.

Somehow he paid more attention to such one. Well… I should as well.

Assumption Three: I can get better

Even if such role playing that you will take with your child, spouse, colleague or friend is caricatured to a degree, I believe it will serve its purpose of pinning down some characteristics of yours – like a caricature does.

It’s not that you must take it 100% seriously, but it will show something to think about … and probably do about.

You can use it as a lesson on what to pay attention to and probably change on the way to becoming a better communicator and a better person – in any role that you play in life.

Make a great day 🙂

– Marcin

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