Habits: 9 Important Steps To Your Personal Positive Change

Habits: 9 Important Steps To Your Personal Positive Change [Marcin Rzucidlo / Life Puzzle Coach]

As Life Puzzle Coach, I help people puzzled with complexity of life, change it. I help them design it and make it, so that they can enjoy the life where all the right pieces are in the right place.

And some of those pieces are habits.

There are four keys to the Life Puzzle (this complex ‘thing’ we call LIFE).

These are:

  1. Mindset (it’s what you think)
  2. Vision (it’s what you want)
  3. Habits (it’s what you do) and
  4. Skills (it’s how you do it)

If you can turn those keys better, your life will be better.

My book Habits – 9 Steps To Your Personal Change focuses on the third key – habits. Your habits.

And there are three things to understand about habits before we move on.

  • First,  habits (or your behaviors) manifest what you really think. You don’t have to tell me what you think. It’s enough when I observe what you do. It means that you communicate with the world around through your habits. These are your habits that make your thinking happen.
  • Second,  habits are programs you run every day. Consciously or not, your habits mark your pathways. And as it happens with roads that are supposed to take you to your destination, if you take a good road you will get there quickly. If you go a wrong road, you might not get there at all. 
  • Third,  habits are like software that runs in your head. There is an input that is processed that produces an output. The question is if your habits produce desired results. If yes, great. If not, you can change them.

That’s why it is so important to define and practice good habits. Every day.

The good thing about habits is that – like software – you can install, upgrade and delete them.

And that’s what my book is about.

I will coach you on understanding how your habits work and how you can shape them.

It’s a practical, actionable book where I blend knowledge with solutions. So that you can enjoy this useful potion to get results you are after.

First, we will cover the foundations of how habits work. Habits consist of four key elements: trigger, program, reward, result. You will learn to identify them and use them to your benefit.

Then, we will move to working with your habits, on how to: define them well, introduce new ones, shift current ones and eliminate some bad ones.

Read the book and follow the assignments. And get ready to enjoy your new good habits and your new better life.

You can get Habits – 9 Steps To Your Personal Change here.

Make a fabulous day 🙂 …and make it your habit.

– Marcin

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