Here Is Your Greatest Enemy Ever

Here Is Your Greatest Enemy Ever [Marcin Rzucidlo / Life Puzzle Coach]

Today, I would like you to meet your greatest enemy ever.

(S)he’s your Darth Vader. Your Joker. Your Maleficent.

(S)he seems to know you better than you do.

(S)he knows best how to bring you down when you’re flying high.

(S)he knows best how to slow you down when you’re speeding up.

(S)he knows best how to limit you when you’re expanding.

(S)he’s your fears, (s)he’s your doubts, (s)he’s your disempowering beliefs and questions.

(S)he’s YOU.

But be happy to have him/her challenge you.

Because (s)he shows you the other side of things.

Because (s)he corrects you when you’re off too far.

Because (s)he stretches you beyond your limits.

Without him/her, you wouldn’t be yourself. Who your are. What you do. What you have.

The only question is: who’s going to win at the end?

– Marcin

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