How Can You Maximize The Value Of Your Meetings?

How can you maximize the value of your meetings? [Marcin Rzucidlo / Life Puzzle Coach]

Today, I had a lunch with a friend who works in a big corporation.

Among other topics, we talked about personal effectiveness, work-life balance and time management.

I asked him what is the biggest obstacle he faces on the way to high productivity and high-level performance.

“Ineffective meetings.” he said.

Not surprisingly, this is a topic that many of my coaching clients raise.

Sometimes majority of their time at work is consumed by meetings. And majority of them are ineffective.

They lead to nothing but time loss, frustration and take-your-work-home situations.

I believe that the best way to make a meeting effective is … not to have it.

The best way to make a meeting effective is ... not to have it. Click To Tweet

There are other options to share information and make decisions. I will cover them in a separate post.

Still, if a meeting has to happen, there is a simple formula that I recommend to follow.

With its simplicity, it may not be easy to apply, but, at least, give it a try to see how beneficial for a meeting and your time it can be.

For every meeting to be held, there are six questions that need clear answers:

  1. What? – What is the objective of the meeting? What is to be different when it ends?
  2. Why? – Why having the meeting is necessary? And why having the meeting is important?
  3. Who? – Who must (not should nor could) attend the meeting?
  4. How? – How can we best reach the meeting’s objective? How can we make the meeting shortest possible?
  5. Where? – Where is the best place to meet?
  6. When? – When is the best time to meet?

If you don’t have clear answers to those questions, do not organize a meeting, cancel it and/or do not attend it.

And just imagine the impact if your whole organization could adopt such an approach.

Make a fabulous day 🙂

– Marcin

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