How ‘Now-Goals’ Solve The Problem With Long-Term Goals

Goals Marcin Rzucidlo Life Puzzle Coach

3 steps to making your long-term goals happen

It’s vital to have long-term goals. They give a point of reference and point in a direction. 

The problem with long-term goals is, however, that they are … long term. They are distant, therefore they lose a lot of their appeal. That’s why we abandon them. That’s why we don’t even start.

Today we want quick wins. We are impatient. We don’t want to wait.

That’s how you can reach your long-term goals focusing on now.

  1. Translate your long-term goals into mid-term goals. For example, I want to be fit and healthy means I want to keep my weight below 80kg.
  2. Translate your mid-term goals into short-term goals. For example, I want to keep my weight below 80kg means I want to eat more fruit than sweets.
  3. Translate your short-term goals into NOW goals. For example, I want to eat more fruit than sweets means I want to take an apple instead of a donut NOW.

Focus on now. Have good direction and perspective (long-term goals and their granularity), but define and focus on the NOW goals.

When you take care of your NOW goals, they will take care of your long-term goals.

Make a fabulous day 🙂


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