How To Harness The Natural Power Of Habit

Charles Duhigg. The Power Of Habit (source:

Habits are one of the four keys to the Life Puzzle (the other three being: mindset, vision and skills).

Habits are the manifestation of what you think and what you feel. So they actually show (to you and to others) who you are. And if you are not who you would like to be, you must change. You may then want to change your mindset, your vision, your skills … and/or your habits.

And in order to change your habits, first you must understand how they work.

In this view, I recently listened to the audiobook by Charles Duhigg, “The Power Of Habit”

If you are looking for a way to install a habit or change any of the ones that you have (i.e. that define you), this book is a great read/listen.

Even when you just look at the names of the chapters …

Part one – The habits of individuals

Chapter 1: The habit loop – how habits work

Chapter 2: The craving brain – how to create new habits

Chapter 3: The golden rule of habit change – why transformation occurs

Part two – The habits of successful organizations

Chapter 4: Keystone Habits – which habits matter most

Chapter 5: The habit of success – when willpower becomes automatic

Chapter 6: The power of crisis – creating habits through accident and design

Chapter 7: When companies predict and manipulate habits

Part three – The habits of societies

Chapter 8: How movements happen

Chapter 9: The neurology of free will – are we responsible for our habits?

… you get a good impression of what this book can offer. In any context in which your habits operate.

On top of that, it is far from being a scientific book (although it is well researched). It’s a story and example based one, which makes it much easier to digest. And which makes it much easier to benefit from.

I read / listen to many books. Not all of them deserve a mention. This one does. Enjoy it and benefit from it.

– Marcin

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