How To Have A Safe Jump Out Of Your Comfort Zone?

How To Have A Safe Jump Out Of Your Comfort Zone? [Marcin Rzucidlo / Life Puzzle Coach]

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone – Neale Donald Walsch

You may have heard or read it many times.

And maybe you took action on it and went full out, or maybe you still stand at your comfort zone’s threshold looking out curiously, but afraid to take a step.

I have always believed in balance. Calculated risk. Yes, I go for it. But, I make sure (as much as I can) that it takes and it gives what I truly want.

This year, I have taken many jumps outside of my comfort zone. One of them, the experience of which I will share with you, was to start running free on-line trainings.

That was one of my 2015 goals. As I wanted to contribute more as a coach and I wanted to strengthen my on-line presence, hosting free webinars was a natural choice.

I had never done an on-line training before. I didn’t know how it would work, but I took care of those six key elements that can make your jump outside of your comfort zone safe.

1. Study the subject

Learn as much as you can on the subject you want to challenge. Understanding and awareness will give you a map of what the territory outside of your comfort zone looks like.

Read, watch and listen to all you can find on the subject. Once things start to repeat themselves, most probably you learned enough to jump.

2. Model the experts

Know who is successful in the subject you want to challenge. Modeling is seeing what they do and doing the same. Most probably you will get similar results.

I watched others deliver on-line trainings and analyzed what worked and what did not. That gave me ideas of what I can do to stand solid on the shaky ground.

3. Prepare yourself

Success is not improvisation, it is preparation. Based on study, modeling  and own ideas, prepare before you jump.

I knew what, why and how I want to teach. I framed it and I rehearsed it. That took part of the stress away.

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Extending your comfort zone is key to having more in your life. Your comfort zone defines what you have today. If you want to have more, it is there, outside. You must go and get it. That’s why you must challenge yourself and your comfort limits. It is your ‘why’ and your ‘because’.

I knew that being able to teach well on-line is key to my on-line business future.

5. Have positive and proactive mindset

Outside of your comfort zone is a wild place. Things seldom go smoothly right away. But, you know it in advance, you are ready to analyze mistakes and draw conclusions, so that each next round can be better.

I knew that if I repeat something enough times with the intention of getting better every single next time, finally it would work.

6. Stay on with determination

Finally, drop all fears and doubts that are great excuses to stand still and remain within your comfort zone.

I seemed to have great reasons why I should stop or delay what I did. But, I did not. And guess what. A moment before, I was standing outside of my comfort zone, and then IT BECAME my comfort zone.

And it tasted great.

What jump outside of your comfort zone have you done this year?

What jump outside of your comfort zone do you want to take next year?

Make a fabulous day 🙂

– Marcin

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