How To Keep High Level Of Healthy Energy Every Day?

How to keep high level of energy every day [Marcin Rzucidlo / Life Puzzle Coach]

Life costs a lot of energy. If you want to succeed, you have to take care of a solid dose of energy that will drive you every day.

This energy will help you want to get up in the morning, conquer your day with enthusiasm and will still suffice to celebrate your wins.

There are five sources of energy that I use every day. Thanks to them I am ready to go. And you can be, too.

Energy source #1 is SLEEP

Recovered mind is key for concentration. You act quickly. You are more creative. You are more productive. As such, you will easily compensate for the additional time that you probably need to invest in sleeping.

You know how much sleep you need to feel good. Normally, it is between seven and eight hours. Make sure that you sleep enough. If you need to get up at a specific hour, plan to go to bed earlier. If you cannot balance your sleep over week days, make up for it during the weekend.

Sometimes, the best thing that you can do for yourself is go to sleep.

Energy source #2 is OXYGEN

Oxygen is the fuel for our cells. As such, it is the fuel for ourselves.

You do breathe naturally, but normally these are short and shallow breaths that provide the minimum of oxygen required.

Whenever you can, breathe deeply, using your diaphragm. This is the way that you breathe when you sleep. Notice that next time you will be falling asleep.

That is why, several times a day (whenever it comes back to your mind), stand up, stretch up and take three to four deeeeep breaths.

Surprise yourself with the amount of air that your lungs can take in. Make sure fresh air fills all the distant corners of your lungs. While breathing, picture the air going to the most remote places of your organism. 

Energy source #3: WATER

Next to oxygen, water is the fundamental element that we need to function properly.

We are 2/3 water. And when its level drops, we feel fatigue and lack of motivation. If you have headaches, very often they are caused by low level of your organism’s hydration.

An adult should drink from 1,5 to 2 liters of water a day (i.e. 50 to 67 US fluid onces). Mineral water is best. Tea or natural juices will do. Be careful with sodas and sweetened liquids. Suprisingly, sugar in liquids does not give long energy boost.

Best, have your big bottle of water at hand and drink it up in the course of a day.

Energy sources #4: PROPER NUTRITION

How do you feel after a heavy meal? Your organism generates a finite portion of energy. It will be used either for thinking or digesting. Same thing, when you eat more late in the evening. Your organism, instead of resting, will be working hard on digesting your supper. No wonder that you will wake up tired. And the reason for that will not be your short sleep.

Eat more often and smaller portions. Balance your diet among food categories. Experiment and see what and how influences your energy level. In any case, fruit and vegetables are good. Besides nutrition they are rich in water.

Energy source #5: MOVEMENT

Most probably you spend a lot of time sitting. You work at an office and you drive a car. No wonder that at one point you lack energy.

Energy comes from motion. When you move, you breathe deeper. More oxygen goes to your blood. It runs faster through your body. You automatically generate extra charge.

Instead of lift, use stairs. When you go shopping with your car, park it slightly farther to take a small walk. When in the office, walk (best outside) when you make a call or read a paper.

And exercise, of course.

Now, you have insight into my energy framework and some practices. Which of them will you adapt, starting today?

– Marcin

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