How To Make Your Christmas Merry

How To Make Your Christmas Merry [Marcin Rzucidlo / Life Puzzle Coach]

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve.

We wish ourselves Christmas was healthy, calm and full of positive emotions.

It’s time when you finally have time to spend it with your family and spend it with yourself.

What I particularly like about Christmas is that time mindfully slows down. Leaving much more margin for thoughts and actions that normally find it difficult to have their place in space and time.

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What would you really like your Christmas to be?

And what can you do to make it so?

Much too often we enter Christmas “on the go”. Till the very last moment we are in a rush to get things done, bought, delivered. And then suddenly we find ourselves at the Christmas Eve table, surrounded by the family … and then what?

If you want your Christmas to be as you want, as you dream, as you deserve, make it so.

Here’s how:

  • First, slow down. Best, do it now.
  • Second, take a piece of paper. Best, do it now.
  • Third, write down as many words and expressions that describe your ideal Merriest Christmas as you can think of.

If Christmas was to be exactly as you wish, what would it be?

  • Fourth, think what – in the course of next days – you will do in order to make it to reflect your list.
  • Fifth, plan it. Best, do it now.
  • Sixth, do it. Best, start now.

Don’t wait for Christmas to become as you wish. It might not. Make it so. Create it so.

This will be the best gift you can give yourself this Christmas. And next Christmas, too.

Make a Very Merry Christmas 🙂

– Marcin

You can see my top three actions I will take in the comments below. Put yours there, too. You can inspire someone. Make it a gift 🙂

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