Productivity: How You Can Find Time To Do That All

How you can find time to do all that [Marcin Rzucidlo / Life Puzzle Coach]

It’s true that I do a lot.

My days are pretty loaded. I start my work early and I finish late. On top of that, there are my personal life activities for which I need to find time.

Recently, a couple of times, I heard this question: “How do you find time for that all?”

I would like to share with you the answer to this question.

In this two-post series, I will introduce to you my two “assistants”. I wouldn’t manage myself well in time without their help.

Meet the first one.

His name is Cyril Parkinson.

Cyril described a very interesting phenomenon related to organization and use of time. Most people know it as the Parkinson’s Law.

It states that “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.” It means that a task will take as much time as you will allow it to take.

For example:

  • If you plan a whole day to clean up the house, it will probably take the whole day.
  • If you plan one and a half hours to get ready and leave for work in the morning, it will probably take so.
  • If you allow yourself one hour to write an e-mail, it will probably last one hour.

…or even more. You know it, don’t you?

Use the Parkinson’s Law in the reversed way.

If performing a task in a qualitative way takes as much time as you plan, plan less time.

So, instead of a full day for house cleaning, plan three hours.

Instead of one and a half hour, allow yourself just one hour to leave for work in the morning.

And, instead of one full hour, give yourself only twenty minutes to write an e-mail.

The Reverse Parkinson’s Law means that work contracts to the time that you will allow for it.

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It does not mean that from now on, you should cut down time of whatever you are going to do. However, while planning, think if a given task can be done (i.e. particular result achieved) in less time.

That’s already an important step in a good time saving direction.

Here’s your assignment for today.

Look at the list of tasks that you plan to do today. Think of the time that you will need to deliver them.

Then think if at least some of them can be done in less time than you initially thought.

For example, for a task for which you naturally plan one hour, think about doing it in 45 minutes.

If only you treat it seriously (I mean you will really want to finish it within 45 minutes), you will see that you will focus on it and you will do it.

To begin with, you might start with one task only.

Then, when you see that it really works, you will thank Mr. Parkinson and both of you will have a look at where else (with which tasks) his approach will be useful (and timeful [sic!]) for you.

Have a fabulous and productive day 🙂

– Marcin, your Productivity Puzzle Coach

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