Which Of The Hundred Posts Helped People Most?

Which of the hundred posts helped people most? [Marcin Rzucidlo / Life Puzzle Coach}

I have hit one hundred posts published on this blog.

I have had one thousand unique readers in a month.

And I have probably experienced one million positive emotions on the way.

For me, writing and publishing my blog posts is a perfect blend of work and passion. I am a coach, so I coach. But I also enjoy the act of creation a lot.

On a more structured level, there are three aspects that help me write and share in a more organized way.

To write, I must read first.

My blog is the expression of what I learn and what I practice myself.

Growth is one of my nine priorities (Life Puzzle pieces).

I savor and digest a lot of knowledge, tools and solutions and blogging is a platform that helps me direct and structure that.

Writing is a great expression school.

Out of many ways of expression (writing, video, audio), I definitely opt for writing.

It is more thought through and concise. You have words only to convey your message and if it’s weak, you have no cover.

Once I put something well in writing, it helps me a lot in sharing it live, too.

Publishing three times a week builds discipline.

I have committed to publish three times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday).

As challenging as it can be, this rhythm builds discipline and helps me organize my thoughts, my work and myself around it.

Maybe these are the reasons for which you would like to start your own blog?

To top this post, here are TOP10 posts, ranked by their popularity among you.

And this is the moment where I would like to THANK YOU for staying with me and reading my stuff. I believe it helps. And this keep me going, too.

Here’s the greatest hits so far list:

  1. 5 Proven Ways To Stop Feeling Depressed
  2. Do You Have Problems With Getting Up In The Morning?
  3. One Thing You Can Do To Be A Better Parent
  4. Three Easy Steps To Feeling Good In A Second
  5. Happiness Becomes You: How You Can Become Happy
  6. Not 5 But 7 Stages Of Loss That Will Help You Manage It Better
  7. How To Make A Productive Day?
  8. Here Is Your Greatest Enemy Ever
  9. Do You Really Know What You Say When You Are Angry?
  10. How Creative Procrastination Can Save You Time

Make a fabulous day 🙂


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