Law of Traction: Is It The New “Secret”?

Law of Traction: is it the new "Secret"? [Marcin Rzucidlo / Life Puzzle Coach]

You may know the “Secret” by Rhonda Byrne.

If you don’t, to cut a long story short, the message it conveys is that if you want something very, very, very much and you visualize it, you will attract it to your life and you will have more of it.

It refers both to good things and bad things. It refers to physical possessions and emotional sensations. It refers to things, places and people.

This thinking has been baptized as the Law Of Attraction.

And there is a lot of truth to that. I do believe that first, you must know what you really want, then you must believe you can achieve it.

Then, however, too many people take the Law of Attraction literally, like waiting for things to happen. The point is that instead of passively wait attracting it into your life, you must actively go and reach for it.

That is why instead of the Law of Attraction, I am more a believer in my construct that I named the Law of Traction.

Action is what makes things happen. Movement moves things forward. It’s only when you are proACTive, you prACTice and you take ACTion that you can control both the process and the results of your ACTivities.

Let’s track the Law of Traction from three angles:

Track your way

The starting point of your “track of life success” is where you are today (or where you were at one point in time). The ending point of this track is where you want to be. In terms of who you are, what you do and what you have. That is your destination. These are your goals.

Once you have clarity of those, you must track your way from “now” to “then”. You must plan your tracks that will take you there.

Well … you might not have enough Jedi strong will to attract and make them lay for you. But you do have enough of your own will power to roll up your sleeves, design them, create them and implement them.

Now, you are ready to go.

Track your progress

Once you start moving your track you must measure your progress. Measurable progress in reasonable time is how Jim Rohn put it. And that’s what you are after.

You must track if your progress is in line with your time table. See if you reach next stops according to your schedule. If yes, celebrate. If not, discover why. This may lead to the need of retracking your way. It can be wiser to detour than to hit a wall. This is again your action to take.

Re-track your distractions

Your mind is like magnet. It attracts many things. Not all of them are of value. Just think about the things you do that do not seem to be on track to where you want to go. No wonder they are called dis-tractions.

You must actively identify and eliminate them, so that you can get back on track to where you want to go. Make sure you stay on track.

What is the sacred secret of people of success (whatever your definition of success is)?

They have clarity of what they want and they have a plan of action.

They put it in action, measure how well they progress and modify their course of action if necessary.

They finally focus on their goals eliminating noise and rubbish that gets in their way.

And that’s the summary of the Law of Traction.

“But it is not a secret” you will say. And you will be right.

So what is the secret then?

ACT on it.

Make a fabulous day 🙂

– Marcin

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