How Your Mental Hand Brake Can Slow You Down

How Your Mental Hand Brake Can Slow You Down [Marcin Rzucidlo / Life Puzzle Coach]

What the heck is a hand brake?

In many cars it is not possible any more, but, when I started driving, hand brake was a standard.

Whenever you parked your car, you had to manually pull your hand brake. And when you wanted to drive away, you had to manually release it.

If you remember that (or you still drive a manual hand brake car), it may have happened to you (as it has many times to me) to forget about releasing your hand brake and start driving with it on.

So, you drive, because you still can, but you feel that something is not OK. You know it should be different. But, in the beginning you do not realize what is holding you back (or even stopping you).

It is only when you realize that it is your hand brake and you release it that you start gaining speed, lightness and momentum.

You feel much better. You feel relieved. Now you can drive.

Now, think about yourself starting your drive every day.

Imagine you get into yourself and start moving on. You drive yourself to challenges and task that you are to face this day. How is it going. Is it light and easy? Or is it a struggle?

Did you remember to release your mental hand brake?

Who or what is your mental hand brake you pull in your life?

  • Are those your thoughts and beliefs that limit your personal power?
  • Are those some people that surround you and draw you back?
  • Are those some unsupportive things that you focus on too much?

Driving with your hand brake on means lower speed and higher mental, physical and emotional fuel consumption. It much more stressful.

Remember to release your mental hand brake before you move on. Every single day.

As it is you who pulled it, only you can release it.

Make a fabulous day 🙂

– Marcin

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