Mindful Moments: It’s When You Make Time Slow Down

Mindful Moments: It's When You Make The Time Slow Down [Marcin Rzucidlo / Life Puzzle Coach]

Every now and then I take a couple of days off and go with my family to a spa retreat.

Actually, I am writing this text in one of them.

This is the time when I want to use to give rest to my body, my mind and my soul.

The problem is that when I take time off, it seems to pass so quickly. It seems to end right after it begins with no much space in between.

Why is it so?

Perhaps we do not pay enough of our mindful attention to this break time. We are still somewhere in the ruts of our everyday race. Which does not detach us from what we want to break away from.

But, more importantly, it does now allow us to savor this different time because we do not make it different.

As we focus on our thoughts running through our heads, no wonder time runs as fast as well.

If we slow down, however, realizing the moment, being in the moment, enjoying the moment, it will stretch and will last longer.

Have you noticed that it takes a while to realize what is around you (I call it reality check-in)? And this while is time slowing down.

Sometimes you check-in just to realize that there is no value, it’s boring.

But, when you take good care to place yourself in the context that is worth paying attention to, then you can mindfully slow down to experience it. And enjoy the experience more. And for longer.

I will share with you my three holiday retreat mindful moments that I pay special attention to and enjoy them to the extent that time does not matter.

What matters is how much positive charge I get from them.

  1. Having breakfast in a restaurant

When alone, I pay mindful attention to two areas: the food I enjoy and the people around.

First, the food selection is bigger than what I have at home (when I go more for a routine, good, but simple breakfast). I have an opportunity to eat things I normally don’t or wouldn’t care to spend as much time to prepare.

I pay attention to the look, the taste, the smell. Each place has its flavor, too. I also take more time to eat. It is more time than usually, but it is a better time.

Second, I take time to watch other people. There’s a particular question that I ask myself when looking at a person that makes me focus on them. This question is: “What is their story?”

It focuses my mind on this one thing and helps to pay attention more. I do not listen to particular conversations, although I find the “noise” of a morning restaurant soothing. I enjoy positive attitude of people, their smiles and their laughter.

  1. Walk along the sea

Or a lake. Or in a forest. It’s good for my physical, my mental and my emotional fitness. What I practice often is my senses check. I pay attention to views, sounds, smells and how the sun and wind touch my skin.

At the seaside, the air tastes different (did you notice that?)

  1. Mindful Sauna Meditation

When we go to the swimming pool area, I like to take sauna. My favorite is the dry one. I sit there, close my eyes, take deep breaths (although sometimes it is hard) and think of nothing.

My attention goes to the sensations of drops of sweat going down my body. It cleanses my body and cleanses my mind. I call it Mindful Sauna Meditation.

My work time off is the my mindfulness time on.

The more time you want to find, the more time you must look for it.

Time is fixed in nature, but relative in perception.

Time is fixed in nature, but relative in perception. Click To Tweet

Improving your effectiveness, efficiency and productivity is good, but it is not the only path – and perhaps not the best one – to have and enjoy more time.

Make a mindful day 🙂

– Marcin

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