Marcin Rzucidlo Life Puzzle Coach

I do not remember who mentioned that, but it made me try

I have always been a ‘listen’ person. I love music. I listen to it a lot. And I use it to manage my state.

I have my favourite pieces that can take me very high. I have my favourite pieces that can take me very low, too.

I have my playlists for productivity, concentration and relaxation. I have my favourite internet radion stations that I listen to for specific activities.

I also teach people how to purposefully use music to support who, what, where and how they are or want to be. is slightly different, but fits (and complements) that picture. Because it is not about music but it is about noises.

There are natural noises (wind, water, birds) or man made noises (coffee shot, train) or just white noise that you can listen to. You have presets (productivity, relax) or you mix your own composition.

As I like variety, it sounds great as an option to accompany what I do.

And as it is an option, it is worth trying.

Have a good listen 🙂