One Thing That Will Make Your Day Memorable

One Thing That Will Make Your Day Memorable [Marcin Rzucidlo / Life Puzzle Coach]

If I have nothing to write about what happened today, it means that it was a wasted day.

Till recently, I was taking my time in the evening to reflect and write down in my journal all significant things that happened that day. What I thought. What I did. What I felt. What I learned.

Sometimes, with my fingers hanging over the keyboard, I had difficulty with pinning down things that would be worthwhile coming back to as a good memory.

So I decided to change the order.

A couple of weeks ago, I started journaling in the morning. It’s part of my morning habit.

It’s 15 minutes that I take to write down what I will think, what I will do, what I will feel and what I will learn this day. Maybe just one thing to make it a memorable day.

And it works.

Being far from perfect (yet), I am more intentional about what my days look like. I design them better. And I live them better.

I do not look back at my days. I look forward to them.

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Action for you.

Take a moment every morning and think about (and write down) what you will do to make this day a memorable one. What can be just one thing you will think, you will do, you will feel, you will learn that will stay with you as a good memory forever? Then, act on it.

If you do it every day, imagine the load of positive memories that you will carry will carry you on.

– Marcin

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