How To Make Good Decisions With One Simple Mindset?

Marcin Rzucidlo Life Puzzle Coach

I believe that – as each of us – you have a daily dose of energy.

It is specific and limited, depending on how much of it you can generate daily.

Then, you must decide well on what you will use it. Because…

  • When you have 10 dollars and you spend it on food, you will have nothing to drink.
  • When you have your evening and you go to the cinema, you will not be at the theater.
  • When you go on holiday to Greece, you will not go to Spain.

Making decision in favor of one thing means you automatically renounce another.

This is called opportunity cost. Or the cost of lost(!) opportunities.

Choosing one thing, you automatically renounce another. Click To Tweet

Therefore, make good choices every day as to where you invest your energy (and time).

Because if you spend it on one thing, you will not be able to afford another.

  • When you waste it on watching again the same episode of the same TV show, you will not invest it in your personal development or quality time with others.
  • When you waste it on staying up too late, you will not invest it in your resources renewal.
  • When you waste it on worrying about a situation, you will not invest it in looking for a solution.

Be mindful and make good choices.

I wish you good energy investment decisions 🙂

– Marcin

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