Quick 3-Step Guide To Shoot Down Any Problem

Quick 3-step guide To Shoot Down Any Problem [Marcin Rzucidlo / Life Puzzle Coach]

Facing trouble, problem, issue, challenge?

Ask yourself three questions that will move you forward.

1. What? This is the mental question.

It will set the state to which you want to get. What do you want out of the situation? What is the outcome, result, final picture you want? Think.

2. Why? This is the emotional question.

It will set the internal drive to handle the situation. Why do you want to solve it? Why is it important? Feel.

3. How? This is the physical question.

It will set the activities that you need to do. How will I get the solution? How can I cope with that? Do.

Problem? Think-Feel-Do.

– Marcin

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