Read My Post … Listen To Change … Watch Your Results

Read My Post Listen To Change Watch For Results [Marcin Rzucidlo / Life Puzzle Coach]

Habits make us

It doesn’t matter if who you are (your identity) influences what you do (your habits) or the other way round – you shape your life the way you shape your habits.

As shifts in identity are more difficult than shifts in habits, pay special attention to what you do on a regular basis – your habits.

Habits are not a democratic nation

Habits’ significance weight varies. There are some you can afford to neglect (e.g. watching TV too much), there are some that frame your days (e.g. planning routine) and there are some that seem to hold the key to multiple areas of life. The last category is called Key Habits.

Key Habits open more than one door

Key Habits are habits that, when mastered, deliver change and value beyond the area where they are rooted.

For example, when you eat healthily, you obviously take care of your health. But you also take care of: higher level of vital energy, feeling better emotionally and (suprise, surprise) your productivity.

When you take stairs instead of a lift you take care of your physical health, but also of your mental health. You build self-discipline necessary to make progress in any other area of your life.

My Key Habit that made most difference

My Key Habit that made most difference is listening to audio programs and podcasts in the car.

I can spend several hours a week traveling by car. In the course of my coaching practice it adds up to a few thousand hours.

Well, when you drive a car (alone), there seems to be not much you can do. One of the best decisions I made long ago is that I would not listen to the radio or music (ok, I do the latter very occasionally), but I will invest this time in personal development (which you know is my priority, and should be yours as well). Brian Tracy calls it University On The Wheels. And it is.

I listened to Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy and many many others. It shaped my mindset, my vision, my habits and my skills.

I just reflected on it recently and I realized how much of who I am, what I know and what I do has been influenced by those hours of listening.

Whichever Life Puzzle piece I can think about – health, emotions, people, lifestyle, growth, contribution, work, money or time – there’s so much I drew from listening to valuable content in the car.

Listen to change¬†…

How do you spend your time in the car?

Wading through a traffic jam or cruising on a motorway. Do you make it valuable time?

Your audio library can be large. Besides full length audio programs, the smaller format that I use now and I would like to recommend to you are podcasts. There are so many of them that you will definitely find some that correspond with your current interests and needs. Just visit iTunes of Stitcher and browse the categories.

Here are links to 10 of my favorite ones:

“The Charged Life” with Brendon Burchard

“Beyond The To-Do List” with Erik Fisher

“Coaching For Leaders” with Dave Stachowiak

“This Is Your Life” with Michael Hyatt

“The Accidental Creative” with Todd Henry

“Eventual Millionaire” with Jaime Tardy

“The Art of Charm” with Jordan Harbinger

“Entrepreneur On Fire” with John Lee Dumas

“The 5 AM Miracle” with Jeff Sanders

“The Productivityist” with Mike Vardy

Browse iTunes or Stitcher for any other podcast that might suit your interests.

… and watch your results

If you follow the habit of listening in the car, great. If not, give it a chance. See how much you will learn and, when you apply what you learn, how much you will get.

It can become your Key Habit that will turn more than one cogwheel.

What are your Key Habits that radiate to other areas of your life?

– Marcin

If you want to know more about what your habits really are, why they are so difficult to change and how you can implement, shift or eliminate them, grab your copy of my new ebook “Habits – 9 Steps To Your Personal Change” available on Amazon.

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