Business books

Here are some books on:

  • leadership and people management,
  • business development and entrepreneurship,
  • sales, negotiation and customer care.

If they are relevant to what you do (or are preparing to do), I recommend to read and study them (many times). Presented by author, in alphabetical order.

Ken Blanchard & Spencer Johnson – The One Minute Manager

Whether you are new or not in a leadership role, this book will serve as a reference on how to set goals, praise and reprimand people for whom you are responsible.

Tags: leadership, people management

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Brendon Burchard – The Millionaire Messenger: Make a Difference and a Fortune Sharing Your Advice

What you know is valuable. Because it can solve problems other people have. You not only should share your expertise with the world, but you can also make great money doing it. This book will show you how to do both.

Tags: entrepreneurship, on-line presence, contribution

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Paul Cherry – Questions That Sell: The Powerful Process for Discovering What Your Customer Really Wants

You probably know I am a great fan of using questions in selling, negotiation and customer care. Part of my fascination and questioning skill has been built with this book.

Tags: selling, customer care

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Robert Cialdini – Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

A must read if you want to know how to influence other people. Classic six rules of persuasion: liking, authority, reciprocity, social proof, consistency, scarcity. Do they ring a bell? Great. They don’t? Study the book now!

Tags: influence, selling, leadership

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Roger Dawson – Secrets of Power Negotiating: Inside Secrets from a Master Negotiator

There is no book with “all you need” to negotiate well, but this one comes very close. You wouldn’t like to approach any negotiation without having read this book.

Tags: negotiation, influence

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Pat Flynn – Will It Fly? How to Test Your Next Business Idea So You Don’t Waste Your Time and Money

It’s a structured approach to get more certainty that your briliant(?) business idea will actually work. The process can work for both on-line and off-line businesses.

Tags: entrepreneurship, on-line presence

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Jeffrey Gitomer – Little Red Book of Selling: 12.5 Principles of Sales Greatness

Reading this book, I have underlined almost everything 🙂 I am convinced you will, too.

Tags: selling

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Kevin Hogan – The Psychology of Persuasion: How To Persuade Others To Your Way Of Thinking

We all would like to influence what other people do. This book definitely shows an effective way to do that.

Tags: influence, selling, leadership

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Michael Hyatt – Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World

If you have something to say, you need a communication platform that will make your voice heard. And once you heard, you can start making money on it. That’s what this practical book is all about.

Tags: on-line presence, social media, entrepreneurship, contribution

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John P. Kotter – Leading Change

This book is about a number of key elements that make an organizational change successful.

Tags: change management

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Ryan Levesque – Ask: The Counterintuitive Online Formula to Discover Exactly What Your Customers Want to Buy…Create a Mass of Raving Fans…and Take Any Business to the Next Level

Wouldn’t it be much easier to sell if your customers were telling you exactly what they want to buy?

Tags: entrepreneurship, selling, on-line presence

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Og Mandino – The Greatest Salesman in the World

Well… it’s not a set of selling techniques. It’s a though-provoking story about fundamentals of personal change and development. In sales and in life.

Tags: personal change, personal development, selling

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John C. Maxwell – The 21 Irrefutable Laws Of Leadership: Follow Them and People Will Follow You

A classic for leaders, ie. for all of us. At work and in life. It sets a standard of what leadership is and what is not.

Tags: leadership

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Neil Rackham – SPIN Selling

In short, it’s about using questions to make your customer really want your solution. A highly effective method to drive complex sales.

Tags: selling

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Bill Stinnett – Think Like Your Customer: A Winning Strategy to Maximize Sales by Understanding and Influencing How and Why Your Customers Buy

If you would like to get into your customers’ head, now you can with this book.

Tags: selling

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Brian Tracy – The Psychology of Selling: Increase Your Sales Faster and Easier Than You Ever Thought Possible

It’s a book about you and your customer. All you need to know about what, why and how customers buy. So that you can influence them better.

Tags: selling

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William Ury – Getting Past No: Negotiating In Difficult Situations

A counter intuitive and effective approach to negotiations. Once you understand what really counts, win-win becomes real.

Tags: negotiation

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Roger Fisher, William L. Ury, Bruce Patton – Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In

As this book breaks the author alphabetical order of this section, so it breaks patterns in which you often run your negotiations. So that their result is better.

Tags: negotiation

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Jeff Walker – Launch: An Internet Millionaire’s Secret Formula To Sell Almost Anything Online, Build A Business You Love, And Live The Life Of Your Dreams

It’s a book for on-line marketers who want to make an impact with a launch. Both value impact for their audience and financial impact for themselves.

Tags: on-line, selling

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