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New Chapter – Six Thoughts That Will Lead You To A New And Better … You

New Chapter Marcin Rzucidlo Life Puzzle Coach

“New Chapter” is a book that will take you through a thought process and a coaching session that will allow you to design a new chapter of your life – be it a new day, a new week, a new year, a new job or a totally new era of your life.

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Life Puzzle Solved: 7 Steps To Unpuzzle Your Life

Are you puzzled with complexity of life?

When asked to describe their life with one word, many of my coaching clients say “overwhelming”.

There’s too many things to do, too many roles to play, too many areas to manage.

If they focus on one area of their life (like work), other suffer (like family or health).

They look for a balance and a sense of control.

Don’t you?

If so, you need a solid structure that will order your life and an efficient strategy that will help you manage it.

You can have a life where all important areas are well taken care of.

“Life Puzzle Solved – 7 Steps To Unpuzzle Your Life” will take you through a structured, step-by-step process of understanding the complexity of life, making sense of it and designing it, so that all the right pieces are in the right place.

Reading this book, you will discover: four keys to the Life Puzzle, two practical tools to define where you are and one master strategy to design and create the life as you want it and deserve it.

So that you can design, create and enjoy a fuller, balanced life.

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Energize Yourself: 7 Sources Of Your Everyday Positive Power

What is your everyday energy level?

On a scale from 0 to 10, where 0 means “dead” and 10 means “a vital and unstoppable energy volcano”, what is you daily personal energy level?

Most probably you will say that it … depends. And it does.

However, it does not have to depend on external circumstances that influence your physical state and how you feel.

It can depend (and actually it does) on how you manage yourself, practicing certain activities that boost your personal energy and vital power.

There are proven strategies practiced by those at whom you look and wonder from where they take their energy every day.

Now, you can apply those strategies yourself.

Make your personal energy reach higher level, make it less variable and make it more sustainable.

“Energize Yourself – 7 Sources Of Your Everyday Positive Power” is a structured book in which you will discover one step at a time what you can do in order to increase and keep high vital energy level.

You will learn what exactly you can do to boost your energy, why it adds to your vitality and – primarily – how you can apply it. Yet the same day.

Each chapter ends with an actionable coaching assignment. And each next chapter starts with an accountability check. I just want to make sure you apply your learnings and benefit from them.

Start your day strong, rush through it at a high level of personal power and have enough energy to celebrate it in the evening.

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Habits: 9 Steps To Your Personal Change

Are you happy with your habits?

Are they “good”, leading you towards your goals, ambitions and dreams? Or are they “bad”, dragging you away from what you really want and deserve?

Do you do something you shouldn’t do? Or don’t you do something you should?

Probably you can relate to that. Many of us do.

And maybe you would like to change that. But you don’t know how to start.

Understand your habits and learn how to implement, shift or eliminate them.

Habits – 9 Steps To Your Personal Change” will help you understand your habits, manage them better and use them to get the results you want.

In this clearly organized ebook you will learn: what your habits really are, why they stick so much and – primarily – how you can implement, shift or eliminate them once you decide to do that.

It is a practical ebook full of functional knowledge, proven strategies and effective, downloadable tools.

Your assignments will help you immediately apply what you learn. And your accountability check will make sure that you do.

As such, you will be able to design and implement the habits that will support you in every aspect of your life.

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Six Steps To Take Before You Make A Jump Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Are you afraid of the new?

The pace of change has surpassed the pace of our adaptability. Before we learn new, newer is already there.

In order to succeed, you must move on. Even if you think you stand still, you actually move back. Because all the world around you moves forward. Faster and faster.

No wonder, being able to learn and do new things, often out of your comfort zone, is the skill that can give you competitive advantage. In any area of your life.

And the only thing worse than inaction is throwing yourself blindly into deep water.

Don’t. Instead…

Learn what you can do to make your jump out of your comfort zone safe.

“Six Steps To Take Before You Make A Jump Out Of Your Comfort Zone” will take you step-by-step through your jump preparation process.

I have tested and proved this approach many times I had to get ready for something new. I have also successfully shared this approach with my clients.

Those six steps you take will give you enough momentum not only to jump well, but also land well wherever outside your comfort zone you will choose.

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Jak skutecznie wykorzystywać pytania w sprzedaży?

Zbieraj informacje, buduj relacje, wywieraj wpływ: w sprzedaży, negocjacjach, obsłudze klienta … i nie tylko

Jak skutecznie wykorzystywać pytania w sprzedaży [Marcin Rzucidło]

Pytania są najmocniejszym narzędziem komunikacji sprzedażowej. Albo wykorzystujesz je świadomie i sprawnie, osiągając zamierzone cele. Albo używasz ich przypadkowo i nieporadnie, często rujnując swoje wysiłki sprzedażowe.

Dzięki książce “Jak skutecznie wykorzystywać pytania w sprzedaży?” poznasz mechanizmy działania skutecznych pytań oraz nauczysz się je wykorzystywać. Tak, aby móc je wykorzystać w komunikacji z klientem. Czy to w sprzedaży, czy negocjacjach, czy też obsłudze klienta.

Książka zawiera sporą dawkę wiedzy, niezliczone przykłady oraz ćwiczenia, które pozwolą Ci od razu przełożyć to, czego się uczysz na swoje sytuacje sprzedażowe.

Masz jakieś pytania? Zapewne odpowiedzi na nie znajdziesz w książce 🙂

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