Simple Yet Powerful Influencing Trick Made In Madagascar

Simple Yet Powerful Influencing Trick Made In Madagascar [Marcin Rzucidlo / Life Puzzle Coach]

If you are looking for opportunities of improving your influencing skills, inspiration is everywhere 🙂

If you know “The Penguins Of Madagascar” TV show, the message will be even more clear.

In my favorite episode, King Julien has to perform a task that Kowalski is not able to do at the moment. The penguins talk to Julien via walkie-talkie.

Skipper to Julien: “Kowalski will tell you what to do”.

Indignant Julien replies: “I am the King. Nobody will be telling me what to do.”

To which Skipper consciously responds: “In this case, command Kowalski to tell you what to do.”

“Oh! Now it’ much better.” says Julien.

Make a great day 🙂

– Marcin

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