Sleep Smarter: How You Can Sleep Better

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How did you sleep this night?

On a scale from 0 (dead) to 10 (fantastic), how would rate your vitality, energy and personal power when you woke up?

I have always believed that the keys to good health and fitness are proper nutrition and exercise. It appears (although it has been hovering over the subject) that there is one more vital ingredient. Sleep. The good news is that somehow, in opposition to diet and exercise, which can be stretching and demanding, sleep is something that you will probably fall in with utmost pleasure.

So will I.

As long as you enjoy the very act of sleeping, does it bring you all the benefits it should?

To make it more precise, do you make it bring you all the benefits it can?

The what, the why and the how of sound sleep

It appeared that before I reached for Shawn Stevenson’s “Sleep Smarter“, I had a vague idea what it really means to sleep well. The book is a great blend of supportive research and practical tips on how you can make your sleep more effective. Physically, mentally and emotionally.

What Shawn writes about works perfectly on the level of the four keys to the Life Puzzle (in this case the Sleep Puzzle).

  1. Mindset (what you think about sleep)
  2. Vision (what you want your sleep to be)
  3. Habits (what you do to sleep smarter)
  4. Skills (how well you can implement your good sleep habits)

To give you a glimpse into what the book can do for you in terms of better sleep, here are some notes I took for myself.

Some obvious benefits of good sleep:

  • better humor,
  • better performance,
  • better biochemical balance of your body.

Not so obvious benefits of good sleep:

  • weight loss,
  • better quality of regenerated cells (thus, slower aging),
  • sleep is when the big cleaning of the organism takes place – the less (and the worse) you sleep, the more contaminated your body and your mind are.

Now I understand better why I should sleep better 🙂

But, how to sleep better?

Well.. the book’s title says it all: “Sleep Smarter: 21 essential strategies to sleep your way to a better body, better health, and bigger success.”

With each strategy you will know what it is and how it works, as well as you will get some power tips on what specifically you can do to improve this very area of your new and better sleep.

Here are some that I picked and you may find them useful to improve your sleep quality.

Something I already did before:

  • Take most of the 10pm to 2am best hormonal secretion and recovery time to sleep.
  • Some routine things I do to provide enough time cushion before I go to bed (so that they do not interfere with my sleep): exercise and coffee only in the morning or last meal before 7pm.
  • Have a consistent sleep schedule (in my case 11pm to 6am, weekends included)

Some power tips I decided to apply:

  • Make my bedroom as dark as possible (e.g. by switching off all the stand-by lights)
  • Put my phone 2 meters away from my head when I sleep to minimize its interference with my sleep. As it works as an alarm clock, I must also get up to switch it off. So, once I have already got up, I do not come back to bed. Next step will be to get a traditional alarm clock.
  • Use a high-quality air ionizer to revitalize the air in the sleeping room.
  • The way I sleep (the freefaller position – on my belly, with my head to a side, and hands under my head) does not work well for my breathing and my spine. I will switch more to sleeping on my back and will get a smaller pillow (or sleep without one).
  • I will also need to replace my mattress which is great quality, but close to be 7 years old.

So, how important is it to you to sleep well?

It appears that sleeping may be THE most important activity of yours.

If you still have doubts about it and if you would want to improve it (yes, you would), grab Sleep Smarter.
Read it for yourself and share it with others. As I do.

Have a fabulous sleep 🙂

– Marcin

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