Smile: How To Use This Simple Habit To Feel Good Instantly

Smile: How To Use This Simple Habit To Feel Good Instantly [Marcin Rzucidlo / Life Puzzle Coach]

Let’s start with a little exercise.

Find a pencil. Then find a mirror.

Stand in front of the mirror.

Put a pencil between your upper lip and your nose.

What’s your face showing? Probably you frown.

Now, put the same pencil in between your teeth.

You probably grin to be able to do that. You must smile to hold the pencil.

There are tiny shifts that make huge difference.

One centimeter counts. Moving a pencil one centimeter down can make the whole difference in how you feel (and actually how people around you do).

Smile has long been proven to help shift your mood.

You feel great when you smile and when you laugh.

But, there are also many scientific studies that prove that smiling when you don’t feel like it, can also significantly improve your overall state.

The conclusion then is obvious. You should smile a lot. Whether you feel like it or not.

It’s not a bad directive at all. But, before we move to how you can do it, let’s sum up the benefits of smiling after Mark Stibich, Ph.D.

Here are his Top 10 Reasons You Should Smile Every Day

  1. Smiling makes you attractive
  2. Smiling relieves stress
  3. Smiling elevates your mood
  4. Smiling is contagious
  5. Smiling boosts your immune system
  6. Smiling lowers your blood pressure
  7. Smiling makes you feel good
  8. Smiling makes you look younger
  9. Smiling makes you seem successful
  10. Smiling helps you stay positive


Now, let’s get practical

I want you to smile as often as possible. I want you to make smiling your habit. And I will take you through a simple step-by-step process to smile as a habit and feel good about it.

Step One – understanding habits

In short, your habits are automatic behaviors consisting of four elements:

  1. trigger – it is something that provokes the behavior / habit
  2. program – it is something that you actually do as the behavior / habit
  3. reward – it is something that do your behavior / habit for
  4. result – it is something that is the effect of your behavior / habit

For example, when you get into a car (trigger), you fasten your seat belts (program). You feel and are safe (reward) and in case of an accident you survive better (result).

Step Two – understanding triggers

When you install a new habit (your programmed behavior) the most important element is the trigger. Something that will remind you to perform your smiling behavior.

As the habit we are talking about is smiling. I want you to associate your smiling with two things (triggers) that happen incredibly often:

  • every time you see yourself in the mirror, smile
  • every time you see another person, smile

Step Three – understanding benefits

Your new smiling habit can work these two ways:

When you see yourself in a mirror (trigger), smile (program), you will feel better immediately as pointed above (reward) and you will benefit long term good physically, mentally and emotionally (result).

Or, when you see another person (trigger), smile (program), you will feel better immediately as pointed above (reward) and you will benefit long term good physically, mentally and emotionally (result).

Step Four – understanding repetitions

Repetition is the key to any achievement. Once you know how installation of the smiling habit works, then the key is to repeat it.

The key is to repeat the trigger-program pattern a number of times so that it can shift from a conscious, forced behavior to unconscious automatic one – then it becomes a habit.

Don’t mind if you forget. Resume immediately. Suddenly, you will realize that you smile (with all the associated benefits) every time you see yourself in the mirror and every time you see another person.

And then magic will happen 🙂

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Make a fabulous and smiling day 🙂

– Marcin

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