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If you look for a powerful dose of inspiration, energy and ideas for your team or company, let me move their minds, hearts and souls.

Invite me to speak.

I will share stories that shift mindset, vision, habits and skills.

I will share stories that reflect where you are today and where you can and will want to be tomorrow.

I will share stories full of actionable insights. Such that make a difference.

I speak on:

  • personal and professional growth and success
  • motivation
  • leadership
  • selling and customer care
  • interpersonal communication and co-operation

Look also through my blog to see other topics that match your needs and expectations.

See my gallery to find something that inspires you.

If any of the topics, phrases or quotations catches your mind, heart or soul, let me know; I will expand it.

Make a fabulous day (nothing short of that)  🙂

Marcin Rzucidlo / Life Puzzle Coach

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