Double Benefit Of My Simple Staircase Habit

Marcin Rzucidlo Life Puzzle Coach

Every time when I do not carry something heavy or bulky, instead of a lift, I use stairs.

It’s ten floors between my garage and my flat that I take – up and down – at least once a day.

Why do I do it?

The first reason is obvious.

I take care of my physical shape.

Such controlled physical effort works well for my body. It stimulates my blood circulation and develops strength. It’s also fantastic to see progress. In the beginning, taking a ten-floor walk up was impossible. Today, it is much better. And my goal, to which I get visibly closer, is to be able to reach my flat without pant.

The second reason is less obvious.

I take care of my mental shape.

Entering the staircase, I pass the lift door, which suggestively invites me in. The break-through that makes me take stairs anyway – even (or especially) if I don’t feel like – pays in other areas of my life, where I need determination and discipline.

Use stairs whenever you can. For physical and mental shape.

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When you do it regularly – especially when you do not feel like doing it – you strengthen your will, which gets used to supporting you in the moments of doubt and reluctance.

– Marcin

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