Three Sound Resources That Will Boost Your Productivity

Three sound resources that will boost your productivity [Marcin Rzucidlo / Life Puzzle Coach]

My definition of productivity is this:

Do (produce) more in a given time and/or do (produce) the same in less time.

Master productivity definition is then:

Do (produce) more in less time.

Fantastic! Easy to say. More difficult to do. But, difficult does not mean impossible.

And as there are four keys to the Life Puzzle, so there are four keys to the Productivity Puzzle. They are:

  • Mindset (it’s what you think about your productivity)
  • Vision (it’s what you want from your productivity)
  • Habits (it’s what you do to be productive) and
  • Skills (it’s how good you are at your productivity)

Today I will focus on just one piece of this puzzle. It is a small one, but those small pieces make up the big ones. If your big picture is not the one you want, take a magnifying glass and look down to its parts. Then correct small things that make huge difference.

Today’s piece I will serve you comes with the key number three – habits; your productivity habits.

One strategy to reinforce good habits is to set up your environment in line with this habit. For example, putting things in the same place every time will help you always find them. Or, keeping sweets off your fridge (and your home) will support limited consumption.

To cut a long story short, if you set up your environment in a productive way (clean, focused, distraction free), you can expect your natural concentration to increase and support your productivity better.

From many things you can do to organize your environment for increased productivity, today I will just focus on one. You see, we go down piece by piece.

I am a sound person.

Music is my passion. I use music to manage my emotions.

No wonder I also use music to boost my productivity.

Proper sound or music can improve your productivity in the following ways:

  1. It can influence your brain waves so that they become more in the flow/concentration mode.
  2. It can shift your mental and emotional state so that you become more motivated and energized to work.
  3. It can provide for background noise so that the surrounding noises are leveled out and they do not distract you.

There are three sound (note the double meaning here :-)) and totally free resources that I use every day, whenever I need more concentration.

  1. Internet radio with thousands of radio stations divided into genres. Everyone (I am sure) will be able to pick a “productive” station for them. I listen to Nirvana Station for focused work (as I am listening to it now) and Smooth Jazz Florida for energized work.
  2. Noisli where you can either use presets of sounds or make up (and save) a mix of your own. From nature (wind, waves) to civilization (train, cafe) and from relaxation to productivity, you will find a sound support for whatever you are focusing at the moment.
  3. Rainy Mood which is purely rain sound site. It is best when I need background white noise to calm my mind before and during focusing on a task.

Give them a try to see how they can improve your concentration and productivity.

If you know other sound resources that can support focus at work or at play, please, mention them in the comments.

Make a soundly productive day 🙂

– Marcin

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