Three Things That Will Make You A Better Leader

Marcin Rzucidlo Life Puzzle Coach

You are a leader.

There’s always someone watching you for direction, guidance and support.

Be it your team member, your peer, your student, your friend, your spouse or your child.

You will not escape this role. You can only try to escape accountability. But why should you?

There are three things you can do to be a better leader.

They do not close the case, but they lay great foundations for your professional and personal leadership.

1. Lead by example

Be the version of yourself that you would like others to be. Show, don’t tell. Be consistent across what you think and what you do.

2. Create proper environment

Create a stimulating space in which others will be able to exercise the positive patterns that you share. Do not impose. Invite. Prompt. Leave enough of comfortable room outside their comfort zone.

3. Use appropriate reinforcement

Provide feedback. Praise when it will lift. Correct when it will help. Leading is guiding. Course correction is natural.

Leadership is a skill. You can learn it. The only questions are if you want it and how you will do it.

– Marcin

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