What Is My Coffee Cup Coaching?

Marcin Rzucidlo Life Puzzle Coach

My Coffee Cup Coaching is a powerful launch of a great day.

We all live on value we deliver. In our companies, communities and families. And there are three aspects of it that allow it to happen.

  • First, the value comes from you. So you must focus on yourself before you focus on others.
  • Second, the value comes from growth. So you must invest in yourself on a constant basis.
  • Third, the value comes from action. So you must act on building it as a priority.

Do you?

That’s where My Coffee Cup Coaching comes in handy.

Because Coffee Cup Coaching will serve you to focus on yourself, on your growth and on doing it right when you launch your day.

So that you build your day on solid ground. And once you can have a solid day, one by one, you will build a solid, valuable life.

How does it work?

My Coffee Cup Coaching is a series of coaching emails on a specific topic that you choose as important.

Each day, you will receive one email of the series.

It will be there when you open your inbox in the morning. This way you can have the time with yourself and read it before your time, focus and attention will get carried away by daily matters.

And you can read it over your cup of coffee (or tea) in your hand 🙂

Whether on a laptop at your kitchen table or on your smartphone on the way to school or work.

Like coffee, each email is rich, tasty and boosty. Just that the effect will stay with you much longer.

It is a coaching reading that each day will teach you something specific and valuable on a topic that is important to you.

It will also lead you to be able to apply it right away. So that you can use it the same day, still ahead of you.

Adding to the value you build in yourself and share with others.

Before your day unfolds, you will have already taken an important action. Which makes it already a good day. Whatever happens after.

In return, I will only ask you to serve me a cup of coffee 🙂

Launch your day with focus on yourself and building your value.

Your day is as good as it starts.

Check your Coffee Cup Coaching menu

…and Make a Fabulous Day 🙂

– Marcin Rzucidlo / Life Puzzle Coach

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