What Is The True Limit Of Your Potential? (Part One)

What is the true limit of your potential? [Marcin Rzucidlo / Life Puzzle Coach]

Animal life on Earth goes back millions of years. Yet most species only use 3 to 5% of its cerebal capacity. But it isn’t until we reached human beings at the top of the animal chain that we finally see a species use more of its cerebral capacity. 10% might not seem like much, but it’s a lot if you look at all we’ve done with it.

Professor Norman, “Lucy”, the film.

Have you met Lucy?

Lucy is the main character of Luc Besson’s film called … “Lucy”.

Having used a certain substance, she reaches far beyond the standard (as we understand it) level of her mental potential.

If you want to see what it means, watch the film. Besides thought-provoking inspiration, it is a great piece of entertainment.

Can you become Lucy?

Ten percent is what some scientists claim for the utilization rate of our brain.

Whatever it really is, imagine your brain as a house of one hundred rooms. But you use only ten of them.

What is there in other rooms?

You don’t know.

But, you don’t know because maybe you have never tried (or you were not interested) to go and open those doors.

And these doors may not only represent doors of your not used or underutilized brain areas.

These can by physical doors of where you spend most time, not imagining you can move outside of your flat, quarter, city or country.

These can be mental doors that lock your potential and capabilities.

These can be emotional doors of the limited emotional responses that you practice every day.

These can be finally your spiritual doors that lock up this higher being of yourself.

And here are three major reasons for which you can stay in your limited space:

  • Fear – “I am afraid”
  • Lack of will – “I don’t feel like”
  • Lack of ability – “I don’t know how”

Is it your life sentence?

How to become Lucy?

There are four keys to the doors of your Life Puzzle.

  1. Mindset (it’s what you think)
  2. Vision (it’s what you want)
  3. Habits (it’s what you do)
  4. Skills (it’s how well you do what you do)

Turn those keys better and your life will be better.

Turn key number one – Mindset

Your potential is limitless.

If you think about what humans achieved so far, and imagine what our good life can look like in 500 years, you will realize our capabilities are huge. Yours, too.

The only thing that seems unimaginable is time travel, although I have a theory on that, too 🙂

This limitless potential is, however, often limited by your beliefs – what you believe is true in terms of what you can and what you can’t do.

The trick with beliefs is, however, that they are mere opinions.

Beliefs are not what IS true. Beliefs are what people HOLD as true. People believed earth to be flat. People believed some illnesses cannot be cured. People believe in UFO.

You also hold your own set of beliefs which defines your world. This set of beliefs tells you what you can or you can’t do. What is possible and what is not.

  • Can you drive?
  • Can you speak Chinese?
  • Can you increase what you earn by 100% within twelve months?

You see. You answer those questions with either ‘yes’ or ‘no’. And your answer reflects your belief. What you hold to be true.

If you want to learn about your set of beliefs, ask yourself a series of “Can I …?” or “Is it possible to …?” questions and give honest answers. They will reflect what your mindset is.

And this “what your mindset is” is critical.

Because your mindset will either support you in reaching for more or will limit you confining you to the space you occupy now.

When you say to yourself “I can’t do that,” you won’t, because your brain will treat it as a command to shut down.

When you say to yourself “I can do do that,” you open possibilities to explore what you can find in other rooms.

  • Can we cure cancer? Yes, we can. We just don’t know how, YET.
  • Can we go to Mars? Yes, we can. We just don’t know how, YET.
  • Can I become the greatest coach in the world? Yes, I can. I just don’t know how, YET.

But, we will figure it out.

This is the mindset that has no limits. And before you want to push your current physical, mental, emotional and spiritual boundaries, first you must remove any limits on your mindset – what you think.

Come back to your set of your beliefs, where you answered questions of “Can I …?” and “Is it possible to …?”

And now answer a very critical question: “What if what you believe were not true?”

Doesn’t it make you think about limitless possibilities?

Turn key number two – Vision

Your vision is what you want. To be, to do, to have.

Often when I ask my coaching clients what they want in their life, both personal and professional, they are not able to articulate it.

And there are two interesting phenomena linked to that.

One is that they start saying what they do not want. But, actually, in majority of cases, that’s what they already have. They just want to get rid of it. 

However, our brain is constructed in such a way that it does not let go things easily. Because it creates void that it wants to avoid.

That is why always when you want to have less of something, you must have an idea of what you want to have more. Replace instead of eliminate.

That is why, vision of what you want is so important.

Two is that even when they say they don’t know what they want, they don’t realize that it means only that they don’t realize what they want.

Because, I believe (I hold it as true!) that whatever you have in your life (good or bad) is the reflection of what you want.

If you cannot articulate it on the conscious level, it doesn’t mean you don’t have your vision. It only means that this construct functions on your subconscious level.

And as some scientists say 90% of our thoughts and actions are unconscious (ie. controled and managed by our subconsious mind), this way your reality is created by something you do not control and sometimes do not even realize.

That’s where your mindset that we set above comes into play.

First, you must make your vision creation a conscious process. Ask yourself the questions of:

  • What do I really want?
  • When (with what) will I be happy and fulfilled?
  • If I were to describe my perfect life, what would it be?
  • Who would I be?
  • What would I do?
  • What would I have?

For some these questions are a shock. For years, their mind has been controlled by others. By family, by work, by church, by media. They actually are not able to think by themselves.

They live a life designed for them by someone else. With a limited mindset that does not allow to imagine anything outside a certain range.

And even if I push them to imagine a difference in their life, very often it comes down to rearranging the room in which they live.

But that’s not what I want for them. I want them to imagine what can be in other rooms and I want them to go there.

Note, however, that I am not forcing any vision on anyone. If you decide that your current room is the cosiest place on earth, I am fine with that as long as this is your conscious choice. Not your sentence.

And to create this wide, limitless vision of what is possible to happen and what will make you happy, you must open your mindset first.

Think about your answer to this question:

  • If everything was possible, who would you be, where would you live, whom would you surround yourself with, what would you do for living, what would you do for leisure, what things would you have, what emotions would you experience, …?

Is it possible? Yes, it is. You might just not know how to make it happen. YET!


The “What is the true limit of your potential?” mini-series is continued here.

Make a fabulous day 🙂

– Marcin

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