What You Can Learn If You Can’t Learn Everything

What You Can Learn If You Can't Learn Everything [Marcin Rzucidlo / Life Puzzle Coach]

Damn. I am not able to read, watch and listen to everything that I would like to. There’s too much of it.

Good. It gives me an opportunity to improve my learning habits and skills, as well as focus on the stuff that will give me most value.

So that I can use and share this ‘most value’ with you.

As self-development through constant learning is one of my priorities (and should be yours), here’s my three-questions method to select what I read, watch and listen to in order to learn something.

With this approach, you will maximize value gain and minimize time loss (or what I’d rather call it, time investment).

1. What is it that I want to learn?

I am intentional and directive about my learning.

I have my agenda, projects that I run where some pieces are missing.

Be it knowledge or skill, I know exactly what I need.

2. How will I use what I will learn?

I know how I will use what I will learn before I start learning.

OK, most of the time 🙂 Good surprise is always welcome.

The view on application helps selection.

I know even more exactly what I need.

3. Where can I find best ‘value to time’ ratio in learning what I want to learn?

The backlog of proven places (websites, books and clip library) where I can find what I need is a treasure.

It’s been built over time and serves as a sure bet that I will find what I need.

I also expand and develop it on a regular basis.

I wouldn’t waste my time looking for what I need from the scratch (ie. google it up by a key word).

If you would like to learn good places where you can find valuable resources, tools and solution on a topic, drop me an e-mail. I will share with you what I keep in my vault.

Make a fabulous day 🙂

– Marcin

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