What’s Wrong With New Year Resolutions? And What Is Better?

What's Wrong With New Year Resolutions? And What Is Better? [Marcin Rzucidlo / Life Puzzle Coach/

Where are you with your new year resolutions?

Things don’t happen by chance. I posed this question on purpose.

A couple of weeks into a new year is the time when new year resolutions’ obituaries abound and many lofty ideas are put to rest in peace.

Most probably you have read my recent post on How To Help Your New Year Resolutions Survive And Thrive?,  in which I shared a strategy to make it easier to keep your resolutions.

Today I will share another. One that I use on top my yearly resolutions. And it works.

It helped me, for example, introduce and keep my habit of morning exercising, everyday reading or … staying away from distraction while working.

What’s wrong with new year resolutions?

First, I do believe in yearly goals and resolutions. I set them, plan them and keep myself accountable to accomplish them.

Still, I can see and understand some drawbacks.

1. When you think about your new year resolution and that you will need to keep up to it for a full year, your mind says: “It is sooooo long.” This way a psychological resistance is born. And motivation drops.

2. When you set your resolutions for the full year, you make them big and bold (“When your goals don’t scare you, they are too small” said Sir Richard Branson). But, for an untrained mind, your big, audacious goals are sooooo big. Here, another mental resistance and disbelief can appear.

3. When you think about your resolutions and where you would like to be at the end of the year, your mind, heart and soul say: “It is sooooo far. We still have time to start. If I don’t start today, nothing will happen.”

And then nothing really happens for next 365 days.

Leaving you with a failed track record that further undermines your mental power.

No wonder your (sub)consciousness can then make a habitual decision of letting go.

What’s good about new week resolutions?

If a year is tooooo big a perspective, set your weekly goals and resolutions.

Week is more graspable.

It is easier to remember your resolutions, easier to focus on them and easier to measure.

Thus, it is easier to enhance them and correct them if necessary.

1. Whatever you decide to do, you can keep up with that for a week. You can. Then you will decide if you want to continue or not. Your brain will resist to say goodbye to your candy bar for a year, but might accept a week-long vacation.

2. Whatever you decide to accomplish in a week, make it small enough to fit this framework. You don’t have to lose 50 kilos in a year. You just want to get rid of 1 kilo in a week. Doable, but, first of all, believable.

3. Whatever you decide to follow, you don’t have to wait twelve months to congratulate yourself. You will do it in 7 days.

I started with my morning exercises for one week only. I felt good after and decided to continue it for one more week. Then another. Then it stuck.

I committed to reading one book a week (not 50 a year!). As that was my priority and I had a book in my hand, I did it. I liked it and decided to continue.

I challenged myself to stay away from distractions while working for just one week. I wanted to prove to myself I can. I did. And I saw how much more I produced. Then it became a no-brainer to continue.

What’s even better about new day resolutions?

I believe I do not have to write about it. You get the idea. To strengthen it, you can have a look at this post: How ‘Now-Goals’ Solve The Problem With Long-Term Goals.

One last conclusion is that when you have your goals and resolutions framework working properly, it is much easier and more effective to plan and deliver your day.

I habitualy translate my yearly goals and resolutions to weekly goals and resolution. Then to daily goals and resolutions (which then is called a day plan :-)).

So, what are your resolutions for this week?

If you want to change something which is difficult for you, make a deal with you to do it for just a week. After one week, you will decide to continue or not.

If your big change scares you, cut it into small pieces.So small that each of them is a tiny step you cannot fail to take.

Make a fabulous week 🙂

– Marcin

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