Do You Actually Know Your Time Management Style?

Marcin Rzucidlo Life Puzzle Coach

“What’s your time management style?”

This is one of the first questions I ask my clients with whom we look for more efficiency (how they do things) and effectiveness (what they achieve) in their life, whether private or professional.

“What do you mean?” – is the answer I hear too often.

I then offer them a metaphor framework to work with.

Metaphor framework is a comparison you make between two things. It allows you to describe and understand something better. As a consequence you can manage it better.

In this case, it is “time management is like playing baseball” frame.

So, here comes a coaching question to you: “What’s your time management style?”

Pick one of the three options:

Time management style – Option One

Are you waving your bat constantly and restlessly just hoping that you will hit the coming ball and you will hit it well? Something that does not actually (or frequently) happen.

Time management style – Option Two

Are you waiting for the ball to come and the only thing that you focus on is to hit it as hard as possible so that it flies away? But you often miss.

Time management style – Option Three

Are you anticipating the coming ball and focus on hitting it precisely in the sweet spot so that with minimum amount of energy you can have a home run? And you win.

So, “What’s your time management style?”

– Marcin

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