How To Improve Your Learning? Childishly Easy!

Marcin Rzucidlo Life Puzzle Coach

When do we learn most? When we are kids. The smaller we are, the more and the faster we learn.

Wouldn’t it be great to see (and apply) a number of kids’ strategies that lead to that incredible learning pace?

Here they are:

1. Have your purpose

The kid sees you walk. It wants it too. The kid hears you speak. It wants it too. The kid feel like riding a bike. It will want to learn.

What do you want? So that learning will lead you to.

2. Have the burning desire

If a kid wants something, it wants it by the whole self. There’s no question of motivation. It just wants it.

How big is your motivation? Is it full throttle or is it “yes, but…”?

3. Just do it

Kids take action. They know intuitively that if they are to learn something, they must act. And they do.

Are you wishful thinking or willful doing?

4. Never give up

Have you seen a baby give up after one attempt at walking? Two attempts? Three?

Once they have their purpose, burning desire and take action, they will persist until they succeed. That’s why they do.

Do you?

– Marcin

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