Your First Step On The Way To Positive Mental Change

Your First Step On The Way To Positive Mental Change [Marcin Rzucidlo / Life Puzzle Coach]

My favorite pizza: pepperoni. My favorite flavor: strawberry. My favorite color: blue.

On one hand, such patterns make life easy because you do not have to face a decision dilemma. The choice is quick and easy.

On the other, when you think about it, such patterns can limit you because you are not open for other (possibly better) options and opportunities.

Our mental patterns steer us through life.

Sometimes they help. Sometimes they don’t.

If you want to change in any way (like introduce, shift or reduce a habit), your first step must be to change your mental patterns. Because what you think (consciously or unconsciously) manifests in what you do.

And what you do manifests in what you get.

Changing mental patters is not easy at all.

Repeated behaviors (actions and decisions) strengthen neuro connections in your brain. They become stronger and stronger with every single action.

That’s why the more and the longer you do something, the more it becomes difficult to break it.

Every time you do something, whether good or bad, you increase probability of repeating it in the future.Chose mindfully well. (3)

But it is possible.

The counteraction is the counteraction. If you do and repeat the opposite (or different) for long enough, your mind will switch, setting new pathways and covering your old ones with weed.

As changing mental patterns is not easy at all, you must train yourself in it.

For example, by starting to break your current ones.

Pick a different pizza. Pick a different course. Pick a different flavor. Pick a different color.

That’s a good first step to be able to pick a different course of action (or reaction). Then you can find out if it works better for your.

During this weekend, I will do at least one thing that will go against my “first choice”. To break this pattern, I will force myself to pick something new and different. To see what options and opportunities will appear.

What will you do differently this weekend?

Make a fabulous day and fabulous weekend 🙂

– Marcin

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